Diligent Corpus Christi Lawyer Guides Clients Through Divorce

Nueces County law firm advises spouses when a marriage ends

Ending a marriage can be devastating, but with proper legal counsel, you can navigate an often-difficult process and build a strong foundation for the future. At Gary A. Hall, Attorney at Law in Corpus Christi, I have spent more than 20 years protecting the legal and financial rights of divorcing spouses. Throughout Nueces County, I deliver individualized advice to clients whether their breakup is friendly or contentious. In any forum, my firm handles each detail so you can focus on moving forward in your life. For disputes over child custody, spousal maintenance or property division, I will vigorously pursue the best possible result for you and your children.

Texas matrimonial litigator helps parties reach a positive outcome

My firm provides knowledgeable counsel on all aspects of Texas divorce law, including:

  • Filing and grounds — To file for divorce, at least one partner must have lived in Texas for a minimum of six months. The state issues divorce on no-fault grounds or on the basis of misbehavior such as adultery or criminal conviction. I advise clients on which path will be the better one for them.
  • Property division — The courts in Texas, a community property state, attempt to divide marital assets equally upon dissolution. I argue for fair valuations and the appropriate treatment of separate property that does not belong to the marital estate.
  • Spousal maintenance — Often referred to as alimony, these payments can be awarded to spouses who lack the ability to maintain their standard of living after a divorce due to a disability, special child-care issue, or many years spent taking care of the marital home. My firm makes a detailed presentation regarding each spouse’s financial condition and earning ability to help obtain a fair result.

I offer consultations so that you can understand your rights in a comfortable, risk-free setting.

Determined advocate protects parents and children in custody cases

Child custody arrangements are the most important concern when parents of minor children break up. Even if couples were never married, these disputes can be highly contested. My firm assists South Texas parents as they seek to establish appropriate terms for custody and visitation. Various options exist for legal custody, referring to decision-making authority for the child, and residential custody, relating to where the child lives. I understand the vital importance of creating a safe, nurturing environment for children and am committed to maintaining strong bonds between the child and both parents whenever possible.

Contact a skilled Nueces County divorce lawyer for an initial consultation

Gary A. Hall, Attorney at Law represents men and women throughout South Texas in divorce and related matters as well as in other family law concerns. Please call 361-885-0943 or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation at my Corpus Christi office.